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07 Mar

Chili To Go

Let me paint a picture for you. It's a hot sunny beach day. You're packing up the car and cooler, drinks, burger patties for the bonfire, towels....but something is missing. What could complete this perfect Southern California day? Then it hits you Tommy's chili will complete your perfect beach day. You stop by and pick up a few to go containers and the whole family is happy.Chili to the rescue.

Here is another scenario, you just remembered that you were invited to a potluck and haven't prepared anything and you have to be there in one hour! Even in your absent mindedness you can still be the perfect guest.On your way to the party stop by Tommy's, let us know how many people you will need to feed and we can provide you with the right amount of to-go chili.You'll likely be the hit of the party.

Another perfect time for chili to-go is while tailgating for your favorite sports event. Whether you are rooting for the Dodgers or USC tailgating is a classic tradition. Another perfect Southern Californian tradition is Tommy's chili! Our portable to go chili containers are easy to transport and sure to be the best part of your tailgating experience. Create your own good luck charm by making sure Tommy's is served before your favorite teams wins.