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07 Mar

Caliente Burger

The Caliente Burger is an approachable burger, much more than you think. Don't let the word caliente mislead you. It's not too spicy that you'll leave Tommy's with a damaged tongue. It has just enough heat to wake up your senses, give the chili a new complimentary flavor and then be able to brag about eating Tommy's Caliente Burger. 

If you're feeling especially adventurous you can throw on some extra casabella peppers and challenge your friends to a chili pepper off. Tommy's has a special respect for those who take on the Caliente Burger with no fear in their eyes. 

But for those of you who prefer a less intense heat experience you can still order the Caliente Burger. It offers a pickled pepper taste to the burger. You can also try this trick that some use when things are a tad too spicy, add some fries to your Caliente Burger. 

The moral of the story, don't fear the Caliente Burger, we have faith that you can handle the heat.