About Us


The ingredients are of the highest possible quality, including all beef patties and hot dogs, french fries prepared in vegetable oil, real cheese, fresh chopped onions, and extra-thick slices of tomato. And of course, all Tommy's entrees are served with Tommy's own special recipe chili.

The original shack today serves as the company's logo and for good reasons. Although now there are many Original Tommy's locations throughout Southern California, none compares with the huge popularity of the Original Los Angeles location.

We have served thousands of people who have told us that their families have grown up around Tommy's. They've got great stories of coming to Tommy's in the '60s, '70s, and '80s. It's an amazing heritage.


Founder Tommy Koulax started Original Tommy's in 1946 with a hamburger stand at the corner of Beverly and Rampart Boulevards in Los Angeles. Over time, Koulax developed a customer base of high school and college students and local business people.

Tommy's Fans Memories