About Us

Tommy’s is oriented toward a wide customer base. Young, old, families and every ethnic background imaginable have embraced the taste of Tommy’s. The restaurants feature a limited menu consisting of high-quality, low-priced foods. The entrees served include hamburgers, hot dogs, tamales, French fries, chili fries and a breakfast menu including an egg/sausage sandwich and a breakfast burrito. All entrees are served with Tommy’s famous chili unless otherwise requested.

The ingredients are of the highest quality, including 100% beef patties and hot dogs, double-thick slices of real cheese, fresh chopped onions, hand sliced beefsteak tomatoes, pickles and mustard. All items are prepared to order and extra portions of chili, mustard, onion or tomato are offered at no extra charge; portions are extremely generous. As food costs are much higher than industry standards, the restaurants are profitable due only to the high volume of customer traffic.

The limited menu allows the speed of service to be unsurpassed in the industry. Customers have learned to expect long lines at Tommy’s, but certainly are delighted with the speed in which they move. This speed of service also creates an ideal situation for a drive-thru.